INSTÄLLT! CoPeCo Live electronics ensemble

Evenemanget har ägt rum

The CoPeco live electronics ensemblepresents two compositions that haveworked throughout this semester. Concert is closed for audience but will be live streamed.

- Why Don’t I have anything? 2.electronics by Carmen Kleykens Vidal (2021)
Drama for narrator and live electronic ensemble - 13'

Narrator : Francis St-Germain

 Why Don’t I have anything? 2.electronics talks about the non-physicality of one love relationship. We live now in a moment that is changing our sense of love and time. Our social relationships now consider the fear of touching or the fight that is traveling with this pandemic going on. It is changing how we see each other and how we feel each other, is creating social distance. How we react to that? What is the sounds of our relationships?

- Evoke Evoke Evoke Evoke by Camila Nebbia (2021)

For electronic music ensemble and quadraphonic system - 30 '

Each living being carries its own memory and it's part of a collective memore, when we move through space, when we walk, we are carrying our memore with us, when we talk the sound of our voice evokes memory, and every interaction we do in life also does.

What sounds connect us more to memories?

CoPeCo live electronic ensemble:

Fiona Xue Ju 鞠 雪

Carmen Kleykens Vidal

Andro Manzoni

Camila Nebbia

Elena Perales Andreu

Bastien Pouillès

Francis St-Germain


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