Isaac Bachs, violin

Evenemanget har ägt rum

Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik.

With this concert I want to present you with music that I played during my Master in Stockholm, with wonderful musicians that accompanied me during this amazing two years.

Kachaturian Trio is an incredible mixture of expressive music that combines oriental sounds with the classical tradition and the Soviet aesthetics. I'm also honoured to play this with two colleagues that have been playing with me from the first week I came to study in Stockholm.

Beethoven's 7th Sonata is a powerful composition for violin and piano, representative of a revolutionary period in history and music, where Beethoven, is moving between the classical tradition, that represents the simplicity but also the ancient regime, and the romanticism that is starting to appear trying to make the human body the center of a new world free of totalitarian regimes.

Finally, Amanda Maier's Violin concert, a recently rediscovered composition (2015) of an outstanding Swedish woman composer from the second half of 19th century, that deserves to be more played.

Maier studied with the big names of that time in Leipzig and met often big influential musicians of that time such as Brahms, Joachim, Clara Schumann and Grieg, among others.

I hope all you to have fun with this concert and I wish you love this music as much as I do.

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