Meaningful by Nisaba Dúo

Evenemanget har ägt rum

A compositional/performative collaboration between Hannah Wirnsperger and Carmen Kleykens Vidal.

Nisaba Dúo is a compositional/performative collaboration between Hannah Wirnsperger and Carmen Kleykens Vidal. Both are enrolled in the CoPeCo master programme (Composition and performance of Contemporary Music). The performance Meaningful emerged out of the wish to cooperate multidisciplinarily on a composition where sorority, interdisciplinary work and improvisation act as catalysts of the creative process.

Meaningful, a one hour performance, consists of three chapters following one narrative:

· Chapter 1: Action thoughts

An audio-visual piece with physical performance - 25 min.

· Chapter 2: Image thoughts

An audio-visual piece with improvised music - 20 min.

· Chapter 3: Spaced thoughts

An audio installation - 15 min.

In this debut piece, Nisaba Dúo experiments with concepts such as semantics, structures of meaning, collective language, mental health, auditive processs, sound spaces, visual expression and body movement.

Meaningful will be continued further in future performances in France, Spain and Germany. Spanning a stable, long-term collaboration, Nisaba Dúo is exploring the possibilities within this format, pursuing an ever-growing, ever-deepening artistic relationship to each other and their shared language of expression.



Flutist, improviser and transdisciplinary performer based in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Hannah studied Classical Flute and Improvisation in Lucerne (CH) from 2017 until 2020. In her three Bachelor years at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts she was lucky to benefit from two faculties simultaneously – collaborating with and learning from the exceptional improvisation faculty (Magda Mayas, Gerry Hemingway, Lauren Newton, Christoph Baumann, among others) and numerable guest professors (such as Joëlle Léandre, Fred Frith, Mike Svoboda or Liudas Mockunas) while also deepening her instrumental understanding in her studies with Anne-Laure Pantillon, Charles Aeschlimann, Helen Bledsoe and Sébastian Jacot. Outside of her studies, Hannah is a scholarship holder of the Internationale Musikakademie Liechtenstein where she studies with Philippe Bernold.

Excitement about experimental sounds and techniques has led her towards contemporary festivals, academies and masterclasses, for instance the Darmstädter Ferienkurse, FLOW (Boswil), METRIC (2018, in Glasgow) or Lucerne’s Wege der Wahrnehmung, Szenenwechsel, New Music Days and Contemporary Academy.

Because she most cherishes her time spent working with composers and improvisers directly (eg. with Alfred Jimenez, Simon Steen-Andersen and Stefan Prins), Hannah is part of various ensembles performing contemporary as well as improvised music within and outside of Switzerland. Namely, Ensemble Boswil, Latenz Ensemble, the improvisatory ensembles Cojaqua, HAZard Trio, DuoGranlundWirnsperger and G&E Extended.

Since 2020 Hannah is enrolled at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tallinn) and is currently completing the CoPeCo Masters programme in Stockholm. 


Experimental performer, improviser and composer from Valencia born in 1998 that moves between free improvisation, poetry, visual art, physical performance and electroacoustic composition.

In 2020, finishes her Bachelor's Degree of classic and contemporary interpretation of violoncello at ESMUC (Barcelona) with Prof. Cristoforo Pestalozzi. During her bachelor, she had several important projects as the active participation in the project "Fifty for the Future" of Kronos Quartet, playing with them in the festival "Grec" of Barcelona or the participation in festivals like the "Sampler" (Auditori de Barcelona), "El Petit Palau" (Palau de la Música de Barcelona) or the festival “Mixtur". Carmen was also a student of the improviser Agustí Fernández with whom she has worked for the last two years playing improvisation in places such as the Miró Foundation in Barcelona.

Her creativity and professionalism lead her to become a student of the master CoPeCo (Composition and Performance of Contemporary music) enrolled in CNSMDL (Lyon, France). In this program, she is having composition, performance classes and electronic programming with artists as Helena Tulve, Hara Alonso, Mattias Sköld, Taavi Kerikmäe, Michele Tadini, Jean Geoffroy, Fredrik Schwenk, Georg Hajdu, Jean-Marc Foltz, and Alexander Schubert between others.

Current collaborator of the cellist, composer and improviser Sergio Castrillón. For that reason she carried the Sergio's prepared cello and she recorded Yo soy la selva on march of 2021. Also she will continue his collaboration with him with different research projects, performances of his pieces and improvisation sessions.

 She also carries out several co-composition/performative projects with young artists such as Nisaba Dúo (with Hannah Wirnsperger), Natural plastic (Adrià Torres and Seva Jakovlev), Heljä Virakivi, Abigail Toll, EWTA, Elena Perales, Camilla Nebbia and Bastien Pouillès.

She had participated in the Sound Plasma Festival with the premiere in Estonia of "In Vain" by Frederich Haas with the New Music Ensemble and she had premiered chamber music works and ensemble works by Andrea Sordano, Francis St-Germain, Itziar Viloria, Maria Rosa Pons, Raquel García Tomás and Joan Magrané. In the future she will premiere works by Xue Ju, Sofie Meyer, Sergio Castrillón, Elena Perales among others.

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