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Web Audio Modules, including 3D/VR extensions and Building and Connecting Music Systems with O2.


Presenter: Michel Buffa, Professor, Université Côte d'Azur, Nice, France


Web Audio Modules (WAMs) is today the main open source standard for developing WebAudio plugins (aka "VSTs for the Web"). This presentation will present the WAM ecosystem along with many live demonstrations.

WAM features:

* Supports audio, midi, video, OSC,

* Supports third-party module loading across websites, a WAM is identified by a single URI, and can be dynamically loaded in host applications,

* Works in all major browsers including iOS Safari,

* Supports WebAudio, WebGL2, WebMIDI,

* wam-community: over 40 WAM2 plugins ready to integrate into your project.



Presenter: Roger Dannenberg, Professor Emeritus Carnegie Mellon University,

Pittsburgh, PA, USA


We often want to extend existing software for creative purposes, but highly developed software is notoriously difficult to bend beyond existing degrees of freedom. Reimplementing significant portions of advanced music, graphics and video applications is impractical. An alternative is to build applications as a communicating ensemble that unites existing software with additional logic for sensing, control, and human interfaces. O2 is a communication protocol created with this purpose in mind. O2 runs in multiple languages on various operating systems, browsers and microcontrollers, automatically connecting processes, even across the internet, with message-based communication. I will demonstrate various O2 applications including Accomplice, a new modular real-time polyphonic computer accompaniment system, Arco, a new embedded sound synthesis framework, and on-stage interactive sound control used in the opera The Mother of Fishes.


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