Evenemanget har ägt rum

A fragmented composition for strings, vocals, woodwinds/brass, and rhythm group

In “PIECES” drummer and composer Jens Emil Jensen asks the question: “How can one piece of music contain four completely different pieces of music within itself?”

At this premiere, audience will experience the exact same composition four times, but only with a handful of musicians playing their parts the first three times, before finally putting everything together in the end.

Throughout the concert, audience’s attention will be guided to explore the pieces within the music, giving every instrument equal importance, and challenging the perception of every fragment of the whole. This way, what could be perceived as an unimportant background melody in the full arrangement, will be given a life of its own, when presented out of context.

The hope is, that this will lead to a unique listening experience, where audience will develop a relationship to the music, before having ever heard it in its entirety!

“PIECES” is performed by a big ensemble, consisting of 12 fantastic musicians, including strings, vocals, woodwinds/brass, and rhythm group!


The musicians playing at the concert are:

Fanny Källström (violin)

Stina Ahlgren (viola)

Isabella D Jee (cello)

Ellen Mansten Bruchfeld (soprano vocal)

Ella Cronberg (alto vocal)

Kleer Suursild (flute)

Mark Hurrell (tenor saxophone)

Hannes Falk Junestav (trombone)

Anton Brodin (electric guitar)

Ima Baeza Bilgin (piano)

Olle Lannér Risenfors (upright bass)

Jens Emil Jensen (drums)

Program torsdag 5 maj

Program fredag 6 maj

Program lördag 7 maj