Sara Zucchelli, oboe

Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik.

A journey through Impressionism in music and art with the melodies of Poulenc, Silvestrini, and Destenay. 
Just like Monet and Renoir, these composers crafted music that shimmers with colors and light.


G. Silvestri - Etudes for solo oboe from "Six Etudes inspired by Impressionistic paintings"

F. Poulenc - Oboe Sonata and Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano

E. Destenay - Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano

Bassoon: Fritz Fembro
Clarinet: Luca Scappagnini
Piano: Asuka Nakamura, Luca Gliozzi

Kommande evenemang och konserter

  • Between you and me

    - Kungasalen

    Even Hembre’s Master exam concert in Percussion performance at KMH.

  • Eeva Tenkanen, viola

    - Nathan Milsteinsalen

    Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik

  • Eleonora Svanström, cello

    - Edsbergs Slott

    Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik.

  • Brahms klarinettkvintett

    - Nathan Milsteinsalen

    Studenter från institutionen för klassisk musik.

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