SISU Percussion

Den norska ensemblen SISU Percussion består av Bjørn Skansen, Bjørn-Christian Svarstad och Tomas Nilsson. En del av Percussion Plus.

SISU Percussion, Norway
Tomas Nilsson, Björn Skansen, Bjørn-Christian Svarstad
Artistic leader: Tomas Nilsson


Rob Waring: Sikoté Sukán
The title refers to words knitted together: sisu and kotekan. Kotekan is a balinesian term for melodic ornaments where two voices are interlaced in to each other. In Sikoté Sukán I have developed a form of kotekan with three voices. I have been inspired by the mood and expressions found in balinesian gamelan music, but the similarities ends there.

Rob Waring:Smithereens II
The starting point for composing Smithereens II was the question of the faith for all the fragments after an explosion. The music follows the different aspects of their turbulent journey while spreading out in a room and eventually loosing speed and energy.

Smithereens was composed in 1992 as a solo piece for vibraphone and electronics. A trio version was made for Sisu Percussion in 2014.                               

Rob Waring studied classical percussion at Juilliard School in New York with Saul Goodman and Elden "Buster" Bailey as well as jazz vibraphone with David Samuels. In 1981 he moved to Oslo and has, since then, had a central role as a percussionist, vibraphone player, composer and teacher in the Norwegian music scene.


Steve Reich: Drumming 
The American composer Steve Reich (b.1936) began composing the piece after a visit to Ghanalänk till annan webbplats observing music and musical ensembles there. The piece is in the style of minimalism and is structured around a single repeated rhythm.

Originally for 9 percussionists, two singers and a flutist the piece is in four parts with instruments including marimbas, bongos, glockenspiels, voices and a piccolo flute.
SISU have made an own trio version of part 1, for bongos.


SISU Percussion has existed for 25 years and is regarded as one of the most importand percussion groups in the Nordic countries. They present contemporary music, mainly written by norwegian composers. The character of SISU is found in their notable sound estethic, an attitude of sound research and an expressive stage appereance.


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