Sound and Silence

Evenemanget har ägt rum

This concert explores the relationship between sound and silence, time and timbre, through solo compositions for a Japanese bamboo flute, shakuhachi.

In my masters project I have searched for tools to compose through improvisation. This method emphasizes playing and improvisation as a way of being in the present moment, and listening to silence as an inspiration for creating music.

I will present the results of this process in this concert by playing my compositions as well as Japanese traditional shakuhachi solo music, which has been the foundation of my project.

Sakari Heikka, shakuhachi flute

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Kommande evenemang och konserter

  • Josef Andersson, violin

    - Kungasalen

    Examenskonsert, kandidat klassisk musik.

  • Träblåskonsert 2

    - Kungasalen

    Blandad kammarmusik med studenter från den klassiska institutionen.

  • Botros & Shimkus - cōnsēnsiō

    - Kungasalen

    Examenskonsert, kandidat musikproduktion.

  • Trumpet och Trombon

    - Kungasalen

    KMH:s trumpet- och trombonstudenter bjuder på lunchkonsert.

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