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Folk band trad.kvintessents is a group of Estonian traditional musicians who met while studying at Viljandi Culture Academy.

The first live concert was at Mooste Elohelü where we earned the patron award from an Estonian folklorist Ingrid Rüütel and a special prize for singing in Võru language (Estonian dialect). Since then we have grown together for two years, played music, studied together and became great friends. As a result of good chemistry and teamwork we managed to receive first place in the competition for young Estonian traditional bands "Noor Pärimusbänd 2022".

The first EP "5essents" that we released in November 2022 is inspired by Estonian folk music and our own ideas. We are connected through love for traditional music and wish is to enrich it with compositions of tunes/songs or through our own creation. Estonian traditional music has so many inspirational melodies and songs to embed in our own musical creation – this is one of the main goals of trad.kvintessents.

Two band members Hanna Miina and Helery are studying Swedish folk music at KMH and would like to share their music and joy with the Swedish audience!

Band members:
Hanna Miina Kivisäk - violin, vocal
Simone Minn - viola
Helery Kõrvemaa - soprano saxophone, Estonian bagpipe
Andres Rass - guitar
Martin Kalm - bass guitar

Kommande evenemang och konserter

  • Duo Huang, violin

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    Examenskonsert, kandidat klassisk musik.

  • Jenni Ollikainen, violin

    - Nathan Milsteinsalen

    Examenskonsert, kandidat klassisk musik.

  • Saxofonkonsert


    Saxofonstudenter från institutionen för klassisk musik konserterar.

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    Fyra av Nordens främsta professionella körer samlas i Stockholm 7–8 ju…

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