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Welcome to the World Academic Forum Stockholm Summit!

Prosocial triangulation – a multimodal interplay between music and science.

Five themes: "rhythm", "emotional regulation", "improvisation", "composition and performance" and "learning environment", will be highlighted by musicians, singers, and researchers in a meeting with our young curator Fabienne Glader.

In what ways these themes could be important when creating new prosocial societies will be discussed.
This innovative triangulation (researcher-musician/singer-curator) builds KMH's contribution to WAF 2022. The following questions, among others, will be reflected on:

  • How do you use your embodied rhythm and emotional regulation to be able to contribute to a better world?
  • When do you improvise and when do you need a script?
  • How do you feel when you learn something new?

The themes will be performed by:
Katarina Henryson (Rhythm);
Eva Bojner Horwitz and Johannes Landgren (Emotional regulation);
Klas Nevrin (Improvisation);
Kim Hedås, Kevin Kirs Verstege (Composition and Performance);
David Thyrén and Siri Sperling (Learning environments).
Curator Fabienne Glader.


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