Kristina Winiarski and Pontus Carron Prize finalists in prestigious duo competition

Pontus Carron, piano, and Kristina Winiarski, cello.

Kristina Winiarski (cello) and Pontus Carron (piano), both students at KMH/Edsberg Manor, conquered a shared second place in the Swedish International Duo Competition.

On 19-20 August, one of the world's largest duo competitions in classical music, the Swedish International Duo Competition, took place in Katrineholm. 25 duos from around the world had been selected through CD recordings and when the first round and semifinal were settled on Saturday and Sunday, three duos remained as finalists: Japanese Yuki Ishihara and Yuki Nakasako, violin and piano, French Noé Natorp and Jean-Baptiste Doulcet, cello and piano, and Swedish KMH students Kristina Winiarski and Pontus Carron, cello and piano.

The Japanese duo's interpretation of Bartók's first violin sonata finally won the first prize and behind them the jury thought it was so even that Winiarski/Carron and Natorp/Doulcet were offered to share the rest of the prizes.

It is the first time since 2008 that a Swedish duo has received a prize in this prestigious competition.

Uppdaterad 2017-08-25