Large Bernadotte grant to Kim Hedås

Photo of Kim Hedås in front of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Photo: Annika Hedås Falk.
Kim Hedås. Photo: Annika Hedås Falk.

The composer Kim Hedås, lecturer in composition at KMH, has been awarded a grant of 100,000 kr for the project "Miniature Mirrors" ("Spegelminiatyrer"), together with dramatist Christina Ouzounidis.

In the project a suite is created for singers, actors and electronics with newly written text and newly composed music that can be performed both as separate miniature parts and as a whole show. The starting point is a scene from Shakespeare's Richard II actualizing the links between self-image and reflection, power and responsibility, inability and violence. 

Shakespeare's complex depiction of the elements of power is in the project the starting point for an investigation of power and power's relation to vulnerability and existential concern. The project brings out voices that can speak, musically and textually, and together form a polyphonic tissue that communicates, problematises and expands.

At a ceremony in the Bernadotte Library at the Stockholm Royal Palace, the ten projects presented this year were awarded scholarships under the Bernadotte program. The program was established in 2016 as a gift to the King on his 70th birthday and is a collaboration between five royal academies for culture and humanities.

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