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ljudOljud 2016 included concerts with Norrbotten NEO, KammarensembleN, KMH Vocal Ensemble and many others. ljudOljud 2016 also offered an open workshop with the Swedish Radio Choir, a chance not to be missed! A special ingredient this year was the duo Peter Söderberg (lute & theorbo) and Louise Agnani (viola da gamba) who performed newly written works by the KMH students of compositions  – an exciting meeting between modern idioms and renaissance instruments. 

ljudOljud 2016 took place 6 + 11-17 april.

Programme (links to pages in Swedish) 

Wed 6 April 12.30 Lilla salen, KMH
Norrbotten NEO

Mon 11 April 
18:30 Opening mingle outside Stora salen, KMH
19:00 Mini Concert Lilla salen, KMH
Opening and Mini Concert

Tue 12 April 19.00 Lilla Salen, KMH

Wed 13 April 15.30-18.30 Radiohuset
Workshop with the Swedish Radio Choir 

Thu 14 April 12.00 Reaktorhallen R1
Choral concert with KMHVE och KMHKK

Thu 14 April 19.00 Audiorama
Concert of Electro-Acoustical Music

Fri 15 April 9.30-12.30 Stora salen
Workshop with the Swedish Radio Choir

Fri 15 April 14.00 Reaktorhallen R1
Instruments of the Year: lute & viola da gamba

Fri 15 April 18.00 samt 20.00 Dome of visions, KTH
Surfing and Oranges: Graduation Concert Rosanna Gunnarsson och Jesper Nielsen

Sat 16 April 16.45 Stora salen
KMH Instrumental Ensemble

Sat 16 April 19:00 St Johannes Church
Graduation Concert: Marta Forsberg and Lo Kristenson

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