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Tom Poulson

Lektor trumpet på Inst. för Klassisk musik

Om mig/About me

Since 2021 I have been the trumpet teacher at KMH and combine this with my ensembles Stockholm Chamber Brass, KammarensembleN and WorldBrass as well as being co-principal trumpet of the Västerås Sinfonietta. I have enjoyed competition success in international competitions and regular perform as a guest principal trumpet with orchestras in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

As a teacher I seek to help my students develop their own independent voice and prepare them to be ready to enter the music profession in whichever way they wish. I see my role as helping them to have all the tools they need at their disposal so that they themselves can solve any challenges that appear during their career and they can reach their full potential. If you are interested to join the class in Stockholm you are very welcome to contact me through my email here.