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From the KMH Strategy 2015-2017:

KMH shall have a research environment where research in music and music education, even on interdisciplinary base, is developed and led through national and international cooperation.

KMH shall have durable cooperation on research education with universities which have an interest in developing their own areas of activity through music.

At KMH research in music is conducted on both artistic and scientific basis and, in collaboration with other universities, on postgraduate (3rd cycle) level.

Questions concerning artistic processes are investigated on a scientific and artistic basis and provides KMH with an overall emphasis on the development of musical knowledge. This is a way to create synergies between expertise on artistic and scientific basis, which will also benefit undergraduate (1st cycle) education. The research basis of the education gives depth and height to the next generation of musicians.

Music is a major area of research, which has a bearing on many other subjects such as health, technology, economics and so on. KMH acts both as an individual, specialized higher education institution, as well as in collaborations with other institutions and organizations, as well as representatives of the major field of music.

KMH higher Seminar for Research (in Swedish)

Welcome to the KMH higher seminar for research - an arena for discussion, reflection and reporting of research and artistic work, mainly addressed to senior teachers (lecturers and professors) and PhD students and postdocs.

Mondays 15:15-17:00

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