KMH:s bibliotek finns i E-huset. Här finns noter, böcker, tidskrifter, skivor, videor och uppslagsverk, samt skolans mest kompletta bestånd av uppsatser och examensarbeten skrivna på KMH (men även från övriga musikhögskolor i landet).

Förutom ca 40 läsplatser har biblioteket åtta platser med möjlighet att lyssna både på CD och musik från lyssningsdatabaser. Dessutom finns ett fullt utrustat mediarum med flera platser med surroundsystem.



I bibliotekets databaser kan man söka bland CD, noter, böcker, tidskrifter, uppsatser och examensarbeten. I sångregistret finns sånger och låtar (både klassiskt och populärt) som ingår i olika sångsamlingar. Du kan även söka i våra lyssningsdatabaser.

TIPS: Använd också SKAP:s arkiv för populärmusik på STIM:s webbplats, där du kan finna noter och texter. Se även folkbiblioteken.

Genom en webbpresentation ger Svenskt visarkiv och Statens musiksamlingar tillgång till hela det omfattande notmaterialet i den svenska Folkmusikkommissionens samlingar, samt Musikmuseets samling av spelmansböcker sedan februari 2009.

Databasen KMH-DiVA. DiVA står för det Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet. DiVA innehåller forskningspublikationer och studentuppsatser, en stor mängd i fulltext, från många svenska lärosäten. KMH-DiVA är en del av arkivet och kommer att innehålla alla arbeten som görs på KMH.

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday 10.00-16.00 (18.00)* 
Friday 11.00-14.00

* 16.00-18.00 ”Reading room open” = you have access to the Library, but there is no regular service available. However, you can borrow books in an automat with the help of your access card.

Limited opening hours may apply in connection with vacations and certain public holidays – see the calendar and

Tel 16 19 65

The KMH Library is located in the E house. For access, you will need a special chip, that you can get in the Service Centre.

In the library you will find sheet music, books, periodicals, records, videos, reference works on CD-ROM etc. The Library also has KMH’s most comprehensive archive of essays and degree theses written at KMH (but also from other music colleges in Sweden).

In addition to 20 or more reading positions, the Library has nine listening positions equipped with CD and cassette players, and also two listening rooms fitted with CD, DVD, cassette, record, DAT, MD and tape players, plus TV and video. The loans counter is always staffed during Library opening hours, but service is limited at certain times (see above).

Library catalogues

The Library has several catalogues of its own which you can search both on the spot and via KMH’s external website (click on “Bibliotek”).

  • Sheet music and books
  • CDs
  • Songs in collections
  • Essays and dissertations
  • Periodicals

The catalogue of sheet music and books gives both shelf mark and lending status, i.e. shows whether the material you are searching for is currently available for borrowing. With the aid of a PIN (issued at the loans counter) you can also check your current loans and reservations and renew your loans (up to 3 times).

In the Library’s Songs in collections index you can search for songs (or their composers) in many of the Library’s sheet music collections. This index contains mostly popular music, but also much else besides.

On the Internet you can also access Libris, which is a common catalogue of all Swedish research libraries, including for example the stocks of the Royal Library (KB – the Swedish national library) and Statens Musikbibliotek (the Music Library of Sweden).

From the Library itself you can also access other databases which are useful when seeking references to articles and suchlike.

Listen to music on the Internet

From the library page at the KMH website, you can access Classical Music Library and Naxos Music Library, where you can listen to (but not download) lots of music. The former can only be used within KMH, but Naxos is accessible also from outside KMH with your acess card number as log-in.

Lending rules

Only KMH students and staff are entitled to take borrowed books home. Your acess card is also your library card. No loans can be made without it. If you wish to reserve a book, please, speak to the library staff.

You can borrow sheet music, books, DVDs, videos and back numbers of periodicals. The CDs are a reference collection and as a rule not available for borrowing, but students can borrow records during the day for presentation purposes.

The loan period is four weeks (with the exception already explained concerning CDs). If you fail to return borrowed material after three reminders, you will be suspended from using the Library. All lost material must be made up for.

Orchestra parts are lended out only for use in KMH ensembles. Students are personally responsible for their parts.

Course material


Course books are accessible at the KMH Library, which as a rule will have one reference copy of each title and one or more copies for borrowing.

Course material (sheet music, literature, other items) produced by KMH teachers is sold at the and the the Not&Bok shop for sheet music and music litterature in the A-house and at the Student Association’s office in the B house, as are manuscript paper, pens, CD-R and CD-RW, MDs etc.

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