Concert and event production

Concerts, conferences and festivals – all events at KMH are managed together with a producer or coordinator at the External Relations Office.

There is plenty to be done – booking of halls and rooms, planning sound and stage technicians, marketing, concert hosts, extended opening hours on campus and perhaps also at Restaurant Oktav.


The concert producer, Per Sjöberg, plans and coordinates all concerts, both at Campus Valhallavägen and elsewhere. Students and responsible teachers submit suggestions for concerts and events, using the forms you reach by the links below.

Concerts and events are advertised continuously on, in digital media and in printed monthly programs.

Lunch concerts

Time for the lunchtime concerts is usually 12.30-1.15. There may of course be some exceptions.

The lunchtime concert must also be part of the course and agreed with the concert producer.

The possibilities for technical support are limited at lunchtime concerts. Sound technicians participate in sound check and rehearsal before the concert, but are not present during the concert.

Other concerts and events

Other concerts coordinated by the concert producer are for example department and project concerts, instrument-specific concerts, course concerts and some festivals. You submit suggestions for concerts with the form below (Swedish).

NOTE! Concerts in other places than KMH campus on Valhallavägen should also be suggested here.

Konsert- och evenemangsanmälan (form in Swedish)

Concerts with the department ensembles are planned and booked by the concert producer in consultation with the department in question.

Exam concerts are planned and booked by student, department and concert producer in consultation.

Student festivals

Student festivals are arranged by the students, to highlight the students and their projects. The events provide practical training and experience in production and marketing, and they should also promote KMH, as a music college and a concert scene.

Contact person for student festivals Bengt Strokirk, see contact info below.

Other festivals are handled in the same way as other concerts and events – see above.


All conferences at Campus Valhallavägen are coordinated by Elina Edblom, see contact info below.