Opening hours, students and staff

When the campus is open to the public, entrance and foyer doors are open. Other opening hours you need your keycard to enter. Some holidays and weekends in summer, the campus is completely closed for everyone. The campus restaurant, the Library and Support Services have different hours.

Christmas and New Year's 2019/2020

Campus Valhallavägen is closed to the public 21 December-4 January and 6 January. Those who have keycards have access to the campus during the following times:

  • 21-22 December 9.15-22.00
  • 23 December 8.00-22.00
  • 24-26 December: Closed
  • 27 December 8.00-22.00
  • 28-29 December 9.15-22.00
  • 30 December 8.00-22.00
  • 31 December-1 January: Closed
  • 2-3 January 8.00-22.00
  • 4-5 January 9.15-22.00
  • 6 January: Closed

The restaurant, the Library and Support Services have partially differnet hours.

Campus Edsbergs is completely closed 24 December-6 January. Students at Edsberg students are always welcome to Campus Valhallavägen, see opening hours above.

Regular hours

  • Monday – Friday 8.00-23.00
  • Saturday, Sunday 9.15-22.00

During some holidays other hours apply.

Opening hours for public visitors