If something happens

This information is related to serious incidents that require immediate action to handle and limit the consequences. Examples are: accidents with severe personal injuries, fire, violent crimes and sabotage, but also crises that can cause ethical and trustworthy damage to KMH.

In case of emergency and crisis

  1. In case of emergency or crisis
  2. Breathe deeply and try to keep your calm.
  3. Secure the site: try to quench if there is a fire, give first aid in case of injury, put yourself and others in safety.
  4. Call 112. Tell
    - who are you
    - what happened
    - as it happened.
    The alarm operator's questions do not delay the help you need.
  5. Stay on site until the emergency services have arrived.
  6. Prevent shock, stop bleeding and secure the scene of accidents for further accidents.
  7. Contact your immediate superior or someone in the crisis group. Primarily, the College Management Coordinator, 070 191 26 64, who convenes the crisis group, and secondly, the Managing Director, 073-707 88 52.

First aid kits

House 1, the glass house

  • 1A111, stage entrance to the Royal Hall
  • 1B112, at unpacking room 1B106
  • the disabled toilet at 1E204
  • the toilet at 1C203
  • the toilet at 1B202

House 3, the Library building

  • at the printer in the Library

House 4

  • the toilets at 4106, level 1
  • the printer at 4215, level 2
  • the printer at 4318, level 3
  • dressing room 4408, level 4
  • printer at 4517, level 5


There are two defibrillators on campus:

  • at Internservice, level 2.
  • outside KMS in house 4, level 1.

Fire and evacuation alarm

The escape routes are marked with green exit signs.

Assembly point is the large oak tree at Valhallavägen.

Burglary, theft and vandalism

In case of ongoing crime: contact the Police 112.

In other cases, contact Support Services:

08-16 18 02, 08-16 18 99


Bomb threats: contact the Police, 112.

Other threats —via telephone, letter or similar—contact the crisis group:

  • Primarily, the Coordinator, 070 191 26 64
  • Secondly, the Managing Director, 073-707 88 52.

IT intrusion, IT vandalism

Contact IT support, 08-16 19 39 or via helpdesk@kmh.se.

Contact the Crisis Group:

  • Primarily, the Coordinator, 070 191 26 64
  • Secondly, the Managing Director, 073-707 88 52.

Other errors you report via Helpdeskexternal link.

Property faults and damages

Emergencies: contact Akademiska Hus, see below.

Other errors you report via Helpdeskexternal link.

Important phone numbers

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Function, authority

Phone number

Emergency, SOS alarm112
Police, not emergency114 114
Ambulance, not emergency08-454 21 00
Poisons Information010-456 67 00
Medical advice 1177

Work Environment Authority

Emergency number

010-730 90 00

08-737 15 55

Akademiska hus AB, emergency number020-552 000