Rights, regulations and consent

About contingent liability and consent, and handling of personal data. Student health care, absence reporting, and to studying with a disability. Cheating, bullying and disciplinary actions.

When registering as a student at KMH, you sign a liability document. By doing so, you agree to the terms of use of IT equipment, the handling of personal data, and the documentation and publication of artistic production.

You should always notify absences if you are unable to attend classes or other activities related to your education. "Studenthälsan" is a complement to other health care.

Absence reporting, illness and insurance

Cheating may involve plagiarism, copying, unauthorized aids during examinations and helping others to cheat. Other disciplinary offenses may be bullying, harassment or to disrupt teaching and other activities at KMH.

Cheating, bullying and disciplinary actions

All KMH students should be able to study on equal terms in a good study environment.

Studying with a disability