Studying with a disability

All KMH students should be able to study on equal terms in a good study environment regardless of any disabilities. Students with a lasting disability can apply for targeted study support.

Lasting disability

If you have a lasting disability which causes problems for you studies, you can apply for targeted study during your studies at KMH. It can regard reading- or writing difficulties, psychological issues, neuropsychiatric disabilities, hearing or vision loss, moving disabilities or chronical illnesses.

By law, the definition of disabilities reads "lasting, physical, psychological or intellectual limitations of functional capacity due to injury or illness at birth, or caused thereafter or expected to appear."

Temporary injury or disability

If you have a temporary injury or temporary disability, you are not included in this kind of support. Please contact your institution to find out more about temporary support.

Apply for support early

To be able to access the targeted study support you need, please contact coordinator Elsy-Marie Tysk as soon as possible. The sooner we know about your special needs, the better the possibilities for us to agree on a plan for adequate support.

You book a meeting to look through your study situation and the support that is relevant for you. Please bring certificates from physician, psychologist, audiologist, speech therapist or equivalent to the meeting, which confirms a lasting disability.

Different kinds of support

Support to take notes

If you have difficulties taking notes and at the same time listen to lectures or in class, due to your disability, you can receive support. This means that a class mate share their notes with you after class. This does not replace attendance in class, which means that you can only access notes from lectures/classes which you attend yourself. The class mate who helps you, receive a compensation from KMH.


If you find it hard to plan and structure your studies, i.e. find a good study technique, you can see a tutor/mentor to help you get an overview of your studies.

Audio books

For those with vision loss, there are audio books to help. You find them at MTM, Legimus catalogue. A librarian can help you with an account to see what is available. Compulsory course literature, which cannot be found as audio books, are ordered at your request by the librarians. Please notify us early, as it can take 2-3 months to receive the audio book.

There is no need for a certificate to acquire audio books.

MTM also have e-books for sight impaired, as well as books in Braille.


TorTalk is a text-to-speech tool which reads texts on websites and documents, as well as text from scanned pictures. The programme works well in reading shorter articles and other texts which are not available in Legimus.

TorTalk is installed in all computers in the library and computer halls.


At KMH there is a tutor who has special competence in dyslexia. You can receive help with tips and strategies to facilitate your studies.

Individual study pace

If you feel the need to take your studies at a slower pace, we can form an individual study plan for you, together with the Director of Studies and Student Counsellor.

Custom examination

It is possible to have more time for your examination, or oral instead of written, or to sit by yourself or in a smaller group. The examinor for your course decides which customization is possible.