On campus

Support Services, keycards, instrument loans, room and studio booking, mail, openings hours, and other practical services that students and employees have access to.

Support Services

Support Services, Internservice in Swedish, is located in the foyer, to the left of Kungasalen, by the stairs. Here, students and staff can get help with various daily issues, such as lending of instruments and technical equipment, office supplies and handling of keycards.

Hours and more

Instruments and equipment

Registered students and employees have the opportunity to book and borrow instruments and music equipment. Most common is day loans, but in some cases you can borrow for longer periods. The equipment is collected and returned at Support Services in the foyer.

Booking and borrowing instruments and equipment

Rooms and studios

Registered students and employees may use KMH's premises within the programmes, in connection with research, collaboration and other college activities.

Booking and using rooms and studios

Food and beverage, Restaurant Oktav

Keycards and keys

Your keycard has a number of functions: ID card, key, loan card, copy card.

This applies for keycards and keys

Mail, pigeonholes

Registered students that study more than 50 %, and employees, have pigeonholes for internal messages and incoming mail.


Campus hours, map and accessibility

When campus is open to the public, entrance and foyer doors are open. Other open hours you need your keycard to enter. Some holidays and weekends in summer, the campus is completely closed for everyone.

Opening hours

Overview map of campus Valhallavägen, description of the buildings and where the concert halls are located.

Finding your way

Information about accessibility on Campus Valhallavägen is published at KMH.se.

Accessibility (external web page)