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Information about courses, registration, independent projects, and more. Schedule in TimeEdit, academic year plan, and brief information about Ladok.

All education at a college is conducted as courses. Each course must have a syllabus and a course guide. The responsible teacher, the department or the director of studies, will give you access to them before the course begins.

Academic year

See the start date of the terms, and information about the academic year plan and its different concepts: period weeks, intensive weeks and more.

Academic year plan

Registration, Ladok

At the start of each semester you have to register, see instructions below. Course registration is a must for you to get your grades and from CSN. You make your registration in Ladok.

Course registration

In Ladok

Syllabus, course guide and Moodle

The syllabus includes the formal rules on each course – the objectives to be achieved, how the examination should be done, and more.

Find syllabus (Swedish)

The course guide complements the syllabus, and contains practical information about the course when you take part in it – about task assignments, course literature, teachers, schedule, facilities etc..

Moodle, learning management system

Your teachers provide you access to the course guide, often via Moodle, the learning management system that KMH use. There you will find information and materials needed within each course during the course – course guides and more.

Moodle External link.

Schedule in TimeEdit

Your personal schedule in TimeEdit gives you a complete view of the centrally planned schedule, your individual activities and the reservations you have made in the system.

Schedule in TimeEdit

Independent project /
Degree project and graduation concert

The Independent project is a course which is part of every program that provides a degree. It will be designed, maintained and published according to certain guidelines.

About independent projects and graduation concert