Academic year

The Swedish academic year comprises 40 weeks. Here you find the start date of the terms, and information about the academic year plan and its different concepts: period weeks, intensive weeks and more. Here you will also find tuition hours, which indicates when tuition normally is scheduled.

Term calendar, academic year plan


Fall term 2022: 29 August - 15 January 2023
Spring term 2023: 16 January - 4 June

Academic year plan 2022-2023 Pdf, 95.8 kB. (only available in Swedish)


Fall term 2023: 28 August – 14 January 2024.
Spring term 2024: 15 January – 2 June 2024.

Academic year plan 2023 - 2024 (only available in Swedish)


Fall term 2024: 2 September - 19 January 2025
Spring term 2025: 20 January – 8 June 2025.

Academic year plan 2024/2025 (only available in Swedish)

Concepts in the academic year plan

Period weeks

Six periods of five weeks each of scheduled instruction. Because of public holidays, some periods may not contain five full weeks.

Intensive weeks

Four single weeks between the period weeks, devoted to productions, projects and intensive courses.

Examination weeks

One week at the end of each term, primarily intended for examinations.

Admission weeks

During one week are scheduled no instruction. Premises and equipment used primarily for the ongoing admissions tests.

During week 21 scheduled some teaching, but admissions tests precedence to the premises.

Introductions week

Registration and joint activities, such as workshops, information sessions and other things, for new students. Usually takes place the week before the start of the autumn term.


In connection to end of term, students and staff together celebrate seasons and summer holidays.

Tuition hours

Regular tuition hours

Tuition is scheduled for:

  • 8.45 to 12.15
  • 13.30-18.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
    13.30-15.00 on Thursday

Other tuition times by agreement between teachers and students involved.

The following hours, no scheduled tuition can take place:

  • 12.15-13.30, lunch break.
  • 15.15 to 17.00 on Thursdays. Reserved for college meetings where teachers and/or student representatives attend.