Programme Evaluation

Starting with the academic year 2022/2023, programme follow-up is done every year for all programmes at KMH. They give you as a student the opportunity to raise your experiences of and views on the programme as a whole.

Why programme evaluation?

Programme follow-ups, akin to course evaluations, afford you, as a student, the chance to methodically contemplate and shape the trajectory of your education. The outcomes derived from these programme follow-ups establish the bedrock for the programme manager and programme council to steer the continuous enhancement of the curriculum. In unison with course evaluations and the appraisal of educational programmes orchestrated by the Education and Research Board, these mechanisms collectively constitute a pivotal facet of KMH's quality framework.

What is the routine?

The programme follow-up comprises two components: an oral assessment, termed the "programme dialogue," and a digital survey. This event typically occurs during January or February, depending on the programme's schedule. The interplay between the programme dialogue and the survey is designed to offer complementary insights. The dialogue creates a space for discussing issues beyond the scope of the survey, encouraging meaningful conversation. Following the programme dialogue, students are provided the opportunity to participate in the digital survey, which remains accessible for a duration of two weeks. The questionnaire includes university-wide inquiries endorsed by the Education and Research Board, and there exists the provision for the programme to incorporate its bespoke questions.

Programme Follow-up Report

The programme manager, in conjunction with the programme advisory board, is responsible for consolidating students' perspectives, teachers' insights, and any additional data obtained from both the questionnaire and the oral follow-up, into a comprehensive programme follow-up report. Within this report, any proposed actions for programme enhancement are to be clearly delineated. These actions must subsequently be communicated to the students and other relevant stakeholders.

A standardised template for the programme follow-up report is available within the survey tool employed by KMH. Once finalised, the report is made publicly accessible on KMH's official website.

Trial iteration 2022

During the spring semester of 2022, the bachelor's programme in folk music initiated a trial iteration of the programme follow-up. Following the evaluation of this pilot phase, the Education and Research Board has subsequently determined specific refinements within the process and modifications to certain inquiries.