Course evaluation

Course evaluations are used to get information about the student opinions of different aspects in the learning situation. This is an important piece in our work on developing courses and programmes. All course evaluations refer to the same type of questions.

All higher education institutions should give their students this opportunity for feedback. Students are also entitled to be informed of the results, and of any measures taken to improve courses and programmes.

In order to contribute to quality assurance, it is important to be able to compare course evaluations. The questions are therefore the same for all completed courses.

Questions and answers about course evaluation

How do I evaluate a course? 

When it is time to evaluate a course, you will receive an e-mail with a link to our survey tool, Netigate. The sender is kmh-undersokningar(at) The starting-point when answering the evaluation questions is the course syllabus and the study guide. It is therefore important that you read these documents carefully. If you can’t find the course syllabus and the study guide in the virtual course room in Moodle, please contact the course coordinator.

What happens with my course evaluation?

All course evaluations are compiled. The head of the department is responsible for making sure that the students’ views, teachers’ reflections and other useful information are compiled in a course evaluation report. This report forms the basis of any changes or adjustments.

How can I be informed of the course evaluation report?

The report will be published in a virtual course room in Moodle that students and teachers can reach.

Why should I fill out my course evaluation?

Thoughtful course evaluations help us identify what is working in a particular course, and, perhaps even more importantly, what could use improvement. Not only does your input help improve KMH courses, you help future students to a better education.

I have participated in a course, but did not receive a course evaluation?

Course evaluations are automatically e-mailed to the students at the end of the course. Please log in to Ladok (student registry) where you will see your registration as well as end date of the course.

I have not completed a course. Should I complete the course evaluation?

Yes, your insights about the course are important for the development of the course. In case of re-registration in Ladok (student registry), you will be given the opportunity to complete a course evaluation for the next course session.

I can’t find or have deleted the e-mail with the link to the course evaluation. What should I do?

Reminders will be sent automatically to those students who have not completed the survey at given dates. You will then receive a new e-mail with the link.

Can I be anonymous?

All responses are left anonymously. The system sends out automatic reminders at specified times if the survey is not completed. Reminders can’t be addressed by KMH to student or e-mail address.


Please contact KMH’s Education and Research Office via e-mail if you have any further questions.

New Course Evalulation System under Development

In the fall of 2021, the Education and Research Board made a decision on changes to the course evaluation system, including new questions. In order to be able to fully implement the changes, KMH needs to use a survey tool that is better suited for course evaluations. The work to change the survey tool is ongoing and from the autumn semester 2023 it is estimated that the course evaluations can be made with the changes that have been decided.