Independent projects, degree projects

An education programme leading to a degree always contains at least one course that is the so-called independent project, a degree project. This course must be completed in order for you to graduate, and the documentation of your work must comply with certain rules.

Your independent project should be a documented artistic project. A written part is always included. Usually also a closing concert is part of the work, but it can be done in other ways. You will agree on the details along with the teacher responsible for the course.

To execute the project

As with all courses, there is a syllabus and course guide. These can be found in the course Moodle room, together with any specific guidelines for the independent project within your programme.

The work should be reflective and summarizing, and describe what your education as a whole has given you. You are expected to work more on your own than in other courses.

Templates, instructions and examples (Swedish)

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Contact your Director of studies for further information.

Preservation and accessibility

There are certain rules for preservation of the independent project. All projects are published in DiVA, the Digital Academic Archive.

Publishing in DiVA

From the regulations

The completed work that has been assessed and finally approved at the examination shall be preserved so that it can later be reproduced. This applies to both artistic and scholarly works, and means that all independent project concerts will be recorded.

If the project consists either exclusively, or in part of a written text, an abstract can be published in its entirety without the copyright holder’s consent. However, publication of a complete text requires the consent of the copyright holder.

Full documentation of the project (a legal deposit), i.e. the recorded diploma concert, the text and other complementary documentation, shall be submitted in two copies to the KMH library before the examiner gives final approval for a course in which the independent project is included. One of these copies will be forwarded to the KMH archives for preservation in accordance with RA-FS 2008:3.

The independent project shall be listed and archived digitally in its entirety by the KMH library only. Publication of documentation in other digital forums requires a separate written agreement.

In order to prevent possible copyright infringement, written and recorded parts of the independent project shall be marked with the names of all those involved in the project as well as the year, the copyright symbol and the copyright holder.

The non-profit copyright of performers as well as other originators shall be met by stating their names, both in connection with the diploma concert and in the written part of the independent project.

Specific Word templates for the written part of the independent project as well as a specific template for the CD label shall be used in order to complete the text about copyright and copyright symbol. These templates are available at the KMH web site. For other forms of documentation, the corresponding text about copyright and copyright symbol shall be used.