Studio booking, students and staff

With this form, you can describe you booking request regarding a studio recording. Only registered students and teaching staff are able to apply. The recording must be part of a course.

Recordings normally takes place on non-holiday weekdays at 9.00-16.00, and usually include:

  • 6 hours recording, including rigging and supplementary work, excluding lunch break.
  • 3 hours mixing, at other occasion than the recording day.

Plan carefully and adapt your material. Prioritize – if time is short, what can you do without? Maybe you can make separate overdubs, such as lead vocals, on your own, elsewhere.

Limitations for use of the studio 1E107 due to the pandemic

Number of people and special rules

  • Maximum 8 people: 2 in each iso-booth and 6 in the large studio room.
  • Maximum 3 people at a time in the control room.
  • As far as possible, the sound engineer rigs the studio. This means that the musicians may be let in later than usual.
  • Throughout the recording session, the musicians stay in the studio, and the sound engineer in the control room. It is possible to listen to recordings via speakers in the studio room.
  • Other restrictions may apply, such as the drum set not being moved out of the iso booth. This is to facilitate the rigging work and give us more time for recording.
  • Additional screens for prevention of virus spreading are available for those who wish.
  • If the sound engineer regards that the work situation entails too great a risk of the spread of infection, he/she can discontinue the recording.

Recording with more than eight people

When recording with more than 8 people at the same time, we need to use one of the concert halls. The booking must be made in extra good time, as the demand for the concert halls is high. The time needed for rigging and de-rigging will also be significantly longer.

Request form

Give your recording a title

Contact information
Contact information

Contact information teacher/supervisor
Contact information teacher/supervisor

The purpose of the recording, description of content

Describe as detailed as possible what kind of sound you would like the final recording to have. Feel free to add examples, such as links to Spotify or similar.

Links to Spotify, Youtube or the like

Request for date or time period when the recording can take place.
Select all instruments to be included in the recording, and to what extent each instrument should be used.
Drum kit * (mandatory)
Drum kit

Bass * (mandatory)

Piano * (mandatory)

Keyboard (electric) * (mandatory)
Keyboard (electric)

Acoustic guitar * (mandatory)
Acoustic guitar

Electric guitar * (mandatory)
Electric guitar

Vocals * (mandatory)

Wind instruments (horns) * (mandatory)
Wind instruments (horns)

String instruments * (mandatory)
String instruments

Indicate what other instruments, and to what extent each instrument should be used. Here you can also, if necessary, complete the information on the instruments above.

Consent to registration – mandatory
The Production Office at KMH will use the personal information you provide in this form to administer and perform the studio recording in the studio, and for follow-up purposes. The data submitted is temporarily stored in the website's database for no more than one (1) month. Then they are added to a document (Excel) where the data is saved for no more than two (2) years after the form interest report has been received. If you wish to withdraw your consent, contact the person responsible – see below.