Rooms and studios

Registered students and employee may use KMH's premises within the programmes, in connection with research, collaboration and other college activities. Occasionally we rent concert halls and other spaces to external stakeholders. You may not book and use rooms, halls and studios for private use or individual business.

At Campus Valhallavägen there are:

  • 55 practice rooms
  • 86 teaching and lecture rooms
  • 5 concert halls
  • 7 meeting rooms.

All of the above are booked via TimeEdit External link..


The studio facilities include recording studios, production studios and control rooms. Some of the facilities are the Production department responsible for, others are the Department of music and media production and the Department of composition, conducting and music theory responsible for.

Studio booking

Computer rooms

There are 4 computer rooms available, two for common use and two for the MoM institution. The computers in the common rooms can be used for all students, and the computers in the MoM rooms can be used if available.

How the premises are used

Everything that takes place in KMH's premises should be related to education, research, collaboration or college activities. Therefore the following apply:

  • Rooms and halls may be booked and used only by students registered on course, and by teachers and other employees at KMH.
  • Other persons may participate, as long as the activity is organized in connection with education, research or other KMH activity.
  • One employee or student must be present and attend the whole activity, and carry the KMH keycard visibly.
  • Private tuition, private rehearsals or other individual activities are not allowed in the KMH premises.


To cover the costs of our facilities, we sometimes need to rent to external organizations. The ambition is that all rentals consists of events that include possibilities for students to participate in some way.