Finding your way at campus

Overview map of campus Valhallavägen, description of the buildings and where the concert halls are located.

Campus Valhallavägen

The campus consists of five buildings.

Orienteringskarta över campus Vallahallavägen KMH

Concert halls

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Hall name
Royal Hall/Kungasalen (A)Building 1, house A, main floor.
Nathan Milstein Hall (B)Building 1, house B, lower floor.
Lilla salen (C)Building 1, house C, lower floor.
Black box – Kreativiteum/Svarta lådan (D)Building 4, lower floor. Reached via the main entrance.

Eric Ericsonsalen (formerly the Choir Hall/Körsalen) (E)

Building 4, 4th floor. Reached via the main entrance.

Building 1, the Glass Building

Here you find the large foyer, entrance to the library and five interlocking slats. In these slats, we have three concert halls, rehearsal and practice rooms, the studio complex, staff rooms and offices for administration.

Restaurant Oktav is reached directly from the foyer.

There is an underground walk linking building 1 and 4 together from floor level 1, between slats B and C.

The Royal Hall, Kungasalen, is located in slat A and accessed from level 2, the main floor.

The Nathan Milstein Hall is located in slat B and accessed from level 1, the lower floor.

Lilla Salen ("Little Hall") is located in slat C, opposite Nathan Milstein Hall. It is also accessed from level 1, the lower floor.

Building 2, the Riding Hall

The Riding Hall is a bright and spacious hall for conferences and events. KMH plans to rent it out for external use.

Building 3, the stable

The former stable is now a college library. You reach it from the foyer.


Building 4, the White House

This building runs along Lidingövägen and has most practice rooms and classrooms. On the 1st level, the lower floor, the student's kitchen, the student union office and Not & Bok, the union's bookshop, are situated.

The Black box – Kreativiteum, is on the lower floor.

Building 5, the Villa

In the former stablemaster's house, office space for researchers is situated.