Opening hours for the public

As a result of the government's directives and recommendations, KMH is closed until further notice for all teaching, examination and events which involves physical meetings.

This applies to Valhallavägen, Campus Edsberg Manor and all other premises where teaching, examination or concerts are planned.

Updated information:

Registrar's office open

KMH as government authority is open for the public through

The management and all administrativ staff work as usual but at distance through digital tools.

All concerts and events cancelled

All concerts and events are cancelled until further notice. This also applies to KMH concerts that take place in other venues.

Teaching online

Online tuition is organised according to the schedule that has already been set for the in-person classes.

All teachers have received special instructions. Students will be contacted by their teachers and can also contact their director of studies or the Head of Academy.

No teaching involving physical meetings is allowed in other premises or private homes.

Loans of instruments

Loan of instruments and equipment for educational purposes is suspended until further notice.


The library is closed until further notive. Students and staff will be able to get search help and other help through digital resources.

How long will this last?

Teaching and practice at KMH premises as well as the concert activities will be closed for the time being. Unfortunately, we have no possibility to make predictions about when we can open again.

Please check link for updated information.