Campus från Valhallavägen. Foto: Foto: Åke E:son Lindman

Photo: Åke E:son Lundman.


Campus Valhallavägen is custom-made for music education, and for creating, experiencing and researching music. Here, the majority of programmes and courses takes place, and most of our concerts and events are held here. At Campus Edsberg, Edsberg Manor in Sollentuna, some of KMH's most exclusive classical music programmes and courses are conducted.

Opened in August 2016

With its welcoming glass facade and inviting entrance, KMH's campus was completed in the summer of 2016. The location is central and the campus is easily accessible and open to both students and the public. New buildings meet historic ones, and they enrich each other.

Biblioteket sett från Valhallavägen. Foto: Ola Fogelström

The college library is housed in the converted stable building. Photo: Ola Fogelström

The site is characterized by the old buildings of the stables. The stable and the riding house have been listed since 1993 and have therefore been preserved. The stable now houses the college library.

Flexibility and high quality

The new college premises consist of an area of about 21,600 square meters. The large glass building houses concert halls, practice rooms, reading rooms, studios, a restaurant and offices for the administration. The long, narrow house that runs along Lidingövägen, includes the main part of practice rooms, classrooms, a choir hall and a concert hall.

The design of the rooms is characterized by flexibility. Technical equipment and acoustic design hold high class, the concert halls are flexible and can be varied for different types of music and events. The publicly accessible areas can be furnished for different types of events. The humidity in the premises is kept at certain levels, to meet the specific needs of the singers as well as the instruments.

Musical meeting venue

As always when planning a campus, a major focus has been on creating a community between students, teachers and the general public. KMH's activities are therefore based on a common space that joins the public premises and the central functions of the school. Through the school's foyer visitors can flow towards concert halls where free concerts are given almost every day.

Our campus will become a public icon in Stockholm, inviting to both students and the general public.