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About KMH

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm educates musicians and music teachers at the highest international level. KMH traces its roots back to 1771, and has recently moved into a modern campus area – the music college of the future. We preserve our musical heritage, and at the same time we are constantly developing.

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm is an inspiring setting for artistic learning and development – an excellent place to develop your talent and ability, deepen your understanding, and explore fresh fields of knowledge.

At KMH, you will meet other students and skilled teachers involved in a wide variety of disciplines: classical music, Nordic folk music, music from other cultures, jazz, improvisation, composition, conducting, music and media production, as well as various forms of music education.

Education, research and collaboration

The most important thing at KMH is of course the education. We offer programs and independent courses in different genres and orientations.

Programmes and courses

KMH also conducts research on artistic and scientific grounds.

About KMH's research

KMH also collaborates on a regular basis with NGOs, institutions and businesses at local, regional, national and international levels.

Collaboration with KMH

Collaboration with KMH allows music to meet completely different areas such as technology, finance, medicine and health, etc. It also allows interaction through music at different levels, from different cultures, from different genres, etc.

KMH also interacts with the surrounding community through many different outreach activities – concerts, open houses, study visits and more.

KMH receives many exchange students from various countries, and is actively involved in several international organisations.

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