About this website

Welcome ti KMH's brand new website! It consists of a public part and an open intranet for students and staff. KMH.se is best viewed with recent versions of modern browsers. We follow guidelines for how to work with public sector websites in Sweden, and we strive towards a high level of accessibility.

Brand new site!

KMH.se is a brand new website. There has been no complete transfer of the content from the old site, so pages can be missing. We add content continuously, especially in English. We hope you will find the site useful and that yu will enjoy the new KMH.se!

Standard and accessibility

The kmh.se design is responsive, and adapts to the device you choose to view it on. Some services, mainly the library datbases, are handled in other ways.

We follow guidelines for how to work with public sector websites in Sweden, as stated by PTS, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority. We strive to fulfill the accessibility requirements as defined in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.0 level AA.

Using content from kmh.se

The content of the KMH website is subject to normal copyright. This means that you may use text, images and media from the kmh.se website for your personal use, as long as you:

specify KMH as the source of the information,

specify the holder of the property rights of the content, in cases where this is stated on the page, and asks for his/hers consent.

For other uses, in print or digital media, you must have KMH approval. Email your request, including link to the page's current content, to the web editors:


Links to kmh.se

Please link to our pages, but keep the following in mind:

  • Do not use the KMH logo to link to our site. This will avoid any doubt as to who is responsible for the information on the website on which the link is placed.
  • Do not make link so that our pages are placed within the frameset of another site.

Personal details

Ladok and universityadmissions.se

The personal details used by Ladok are stored and handled entirely by the Ladok Consortium. The information is not used on the KMH website.

The personal details used by universityadmissions.se are stored and handled entirely by UHR. The information is not used on the KMH website.


Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor's computer, which makes it possible to track what the visitor does on the site and to save personal settings.

We use cookies, for example, for gathering statistics and for those parts of the site that require login. If you do not log in, you do not need to have cookies enabled in your browser for the site to work.

Right to request information

You are entitled to request information about the personal data processed from you at KMH. If you want to know if we process personal information about you, send a signed request to us.


Freedom of information principle

As a public authority, KMH is obliged to retain incoming documents if they are of importance for the work of the authority. This means that views we receive may be saved as public documents.

KMH follows the freedom of information principle. Documents, including personal details, which are submitted to us may be distributed to anyone who requests them.


We work continuously to improve the site. Do you have any comments on kmh.se, contact us and tell us what you think! Send an email to the web site at the web editors: