How to apply

KMH offers some higher level educations in English. When a course or programme is open for registration, it is presented on the University Admissions in Sweden website, KMH has two programme admissions rounds, with different times for notification. For freestanding courses there are additional admissions rounds.


To choose education. Registration via and entrance examinations.

Start by deciding which education you want to apply for.

Programmes and courses

Registration of application

You submit your application online at the website When the course / programme is open for application, you will find it at there. Make sure your application is complete, and upload all the documents needed to prove that you are qualified to attend. External link.


To be considered, non-EU/EEA students must pay the University Admissions in Sweden application fee in time by.

Application and tuition fees

Entrance examinations

In most cases, you will then be called to entrance examinations. Some entrance examinations for the academic year 2022/2023, will be implemented digitally. See the test description for your programme / course.

Applicants to programmes in Classical Music there are compulsory pieces to download.

Entrance examinations and work samples

Compulsory pieces / orchestral excerpts will be published soon.

After the entrance examinations, a selection is made of which applicants that will be accepted. Notifications are sent via to all applicants.

For courses without entrance examinations – mainly independent courses and some advanced level programs – a notification will be sent via to all applicants when the selection is completed.

If you have a disability

We will assist you with the entrance examinations, while UHR assists you with the application.

If you have a disability


About the two admissions rounds at KMH.

KMH has two rounds of admissions for programmes, a national and a local. They have different timetables and include different programmes and courses.

The national admissions round coincides with most colleges and universities in Sweden. It is open for registration from appr. 15 March-15 April, and includes admissions to:

  • teacher education
  • pedagogical training programmes
  • music therapy programmes
  • a number of independent courses.

National admissions round, timetable

The local admissions round coincides with other music colleges in Sweden. It is open for registration from appr. 1 December-17 January, and includes admissions to:

  • performance programmes (musicians/singers)
  • composition programmes
  • conducting programmes
  • a number of independent courses.

Local admissions round, timetable

Contact the Student Affairs Office

Questions about application and admissions for programmes and courses: