Entry requirements

To be eligible for study programmes or courses at KMH, you need to meet general and specific entry requirements. You upload necessary supporting documents to the account you create at universityadmissions.se when you apply.

In the course or programme syllabus, we describe the entry requirements and what the selection is based on.

General entry requirements

General entry requirements may differ between our study programmes, depending on education level.

Undergraduate level

Applies to bachelor's programmes and some of the freestanding courses. For these, the requirements are that you have final grades from upper secondary school including Swedish.

Graduate level

Applies to master's programmes and some of the freestanding courses. For these, the general entry requirement is a Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS). Please note that for our performance programmes, a BA in music is required.

Specific entry requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements, there are specific entry requirements for most programmes and courses at KMH. In many cases, these specific entry requirements consist of entrance examinations, music theory tests or a specific previous course. For some programmes, you are also required to send in a portfolio.

Information about entrance examinations is available on the web page for each programme.

Results of entrance examinations form basis of selection

Since almost all programmes and courses at KMH have a surplus of applicants, a selection has to be made. The results of the entrance examinations form the basis of this selection.