Entry requirements

Eligibility means what prior knowledge is required to complete the education. In addition to the general entry requirements, most courses and programs require additional prior knowledge, called a specific qualification. The special authorization varies depending on which education applies.

General entry requirements

You must meet the general entry requirements to be eligiable for all university education in Sweden, no matter which education you apply to. You show that you are authorized when you register at universityadmissions.se.

Bachelor's requirements

To meet the general entry requirements for bachelor's studies, you must have successfully completed your upper secondary (high school) education (post-16), and studied the equivalent of the Swedish upper secondary course English 6. For students who received their final school grades after 31 December 2009, you must have successfully completed courses equal to the Swedish courses Mathematics 1a, 1b or 1c.

Master's requirements

To meet the general entry requirements for master's level (second cycle) studies, you must have a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognised university. At KMH, the master's programs require a bachelor's degree in music, 180 credits.

Read more about entry requirements (universityadmissions.se) External link.

Specific entry requirements

Specific entry requirements depend on which education you apply for.

In addition to the general entry requirements, there are specific entry requirements for most programmes and courses at KMH. These specific entry requirements consist of entrance examinations and music theory tests. For some programmes, you are also required to send in a portfolio. Information about entrance examinations is available on the web page for each programme.

The requirements for specific eligibility can also be a previous degree, a special course or proof that you have studied music at the university level before. On each course or programme webpage, you will find information about the required qualifications.

Results of entrance examinations form basis of selection

Since almost all courses have a surplus of applicants, a selection has to be made. The results of the entrance exams form the basis for this selection. Eligible applicants who are not offered a place in the first selection, will be placed in reserve and will only be accepted if a vaccancy occurs.

If you have the knowledge but not the grades

If you do not fulfil the entry requirements through formal qualifications you can apply to get your eligibility evaluated based on knowledge acquired in other ways.

How to apply for eligibility evaluation of prior learning