Campus från Valhallavägen. Foto: Foto: Åke E:son Lindman

Photo: Åke E:son Lundman.

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Would you like to be part of shaping the future for Swedish music? Supporting KMH—as an individual, company or organization—is to support music education and music research at world-class level.

KMH has an important function in Swedish society. Here at KMH we educate musicians and music teachers who work at all levels in Swedish music and all around the world. Our alumni, former students, can be found on the major international scenes and in classrooms to give children and adolescents the opportunity to practice music.

KMH's new campus

KMH has long been in need of new premises, adapted for music education at the highest level. In 2016 KMH’s new campus opened in the middle of Stockholm. There are four concert halls, a studio complex with outstanding technology and acoustics, as well as a large number of practice rooms and classrooms.

Our new campus has already attracted a great interest, both nationally and internationally. This will strengthen Stockholm's attractiveness in education and research.

"At the KMH campus, the musicians and music teachers of tomorrow meet. Through a collaboration with KMH, you or your company can contribute to a world-class center for education and research."Helena Wessman, Vice-Chancellor KMH

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