Campus från Valhallavägen. Foto: Foto: Åke E:son Lindman

Photo: Åke E:son Lundman.

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Would you be interested in contributing to shaping the future of Swedish music? Backing KMH – whether as an individual, company, or organization – means endorsing music education and cutting-edge music research at a world-class standard.

KMH holds a significant role within Swedish society. Here at KMH, we provide education to musicians and music educators who operate at various levels in Swedish music as well as on a global scale. Our alumni, past students, are present on prominent international stages and in classrooms, offering children and teenagers the chance to engage with music.

Current Projects

Grand piano renovations

KMH's musical instruments are used extensively. It's intentional, but it also entails that they wear out and eventually need to be phased out for new purchases. When acquiring new grand pianos, we are always interested in collaborations, but we have also been exploring ways in which we could refurbish old instruments to a pristine condition.

Our approach is that as a donor, you can participate in saving a worn-out yet fundamentally sound instrument from the piano graveyard. Through a thorough and meticulous renovation process, we ensure that the mechanics, strings, and other components are replaced, ultimately refinishing it according to our or your preferences. After such treatment, the grand piano sounds fantastic and also appears as if it were brand new. If you are interested in contributing to this process, we have numerous intriguing proposals. And if you're interested in being involved when we purchase a brand-new instrument, you are, of course, most welcome too.

KMH's new campus

KMH has long been in need of new premises, adapted for music education at the highest level. In 2016 KMH’s new campus opened in the middle of Stockholm. There are four concert halls, a studio complex with outstanding technology and acoustics, as well as a large number of practice rooms and classrooms.

Our new campus has already attracted a great interest, both nationally and internationally. This will strengthen Stockholm's attractiveness in education and research.

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The Concert Chair

Join and support KMH while having your name on a seat in Stockholm's most modern concert hall – Kungasalen.

With the Concert Seat initiative, you can be involved and have your own nameplate on one of the seats. The sales have been highly successful, but there are still seats available on the choir balcony.

By naming one or several concert seats, you contribute to the infrastructure, technology, and other furnishings, thus enabling the best conditions for KMH to continue delivering education, research, and productions of the highest international quality.

Contact if you are interested in buying a chair.

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The possibilities at The Royal College of Music are many and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

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