Collaboration with KMH

Music plays an essential role in the communication between us human beings. KMH supports and develops the role of music in society through collaboration with our surroundings. Among other things, it takes the form of various research collaborations, concerts, events and guided tours at KMH's state-of-the-art premises.

KMH is the country's only independent music college and a hub of Sweden's music life. As a prominent institution for education, research, and musical practice, we are a natural partner to collaborate with on matters concerning music.

Music is collaboration

A powerful driving force for musicians and music students is interaction with an audience. Music may seem purposeless without some form of interaction between musicians and music listeners. This collaboration is a fundamental aspect of becoming a musician, particularly for young music enthusiasts who have chosen the path of academic education. Educating a musician also entails fostering collaborations with the surrounding community.

KMH stands as one of the country's leading concert organizers, exemplifying the central importance of collaboration within the college. The concerts have become integral to Stockholm's cultural offerings and frequently involve partnerships with external musicians and organizations.

Collaboration enhances the value of all our areas of expertise, fostering interest, understanding, and dedication to the role of music in society. All collaborative activities contribute to bolstering the reputation of both ourselves and our partners.
Internationally, our collaboration primarily revolves around master's programs, including student exchanges with numerous countries and participation in various international organizations and their conferences.

Music is a significant area of research, and KMH operates both as a specialized educational institution and in collaboration with other research establishments. We are engaged in several ongoing national and international research projects funded by external sources.