The Jan Wallander Prize

The Jan Wallander Prize is awarded each year to a distinguished student at one of the music colleges in Sweden. The award was established by Handelsbanken in collaboration with KMH. In addition to the honour, the prize-winner will have the opportunity to use an instrument of extremely high class for an extended period of time.

Ilias Livieratos received the 2022 Jan Wallander Prize

Ilias Livieratos with his new viola.

2022 Jan Wallander Prize winner was selected with the jury's motivation:

“The violist Ilias Livieratos possesses a warm and rich sound. He plays in a multifaceted way that is deeply personal and always interesting. He is a wonderful instrumentalist and a worthy recipient of this year´s Jan Wallander Prize”

Ilias Livieratos, born in 1991, is originally from Greece. He earned his bachelor's degree in violin from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich, where he studied with the violinist and conductor Christoph Poppen. He is also an alumnus of the Mozarteum Salzburg. In 2021 he came to Stockholm and the Royal College of Music to study the master’s program in Classical Music for the renowned violist Ellen Nisbeth.

Ilias is the principal violist at the viola of the Athens State Orchestra, Athens' oldest orchestra, and has served as both a violist and a violinist at the Greek National Opera. He has also worked in Camerata-Armonia Atenea and Augsburg Philharmonics.

Former winners of the Jan Wallander Prize

The prize was awarded for the first time in 2010 to Daniel Migdal, since then it has been awarded:

  • 2020 - Fred Lindberg
  • 2019 – Carl Vallin
  • 2018 – Julia Biegniewska
  • 2017 – Victoria Stjerna
  • 2016 – Charlotta Grahn Wetter
  • 2015 – Josef Karnebäck
  • 2014 – Joel Lyssarides
  • 2013 – Tomas Lundström
  • 2012 – Sofia Hansen
  • 2011 – Oscar Treitler

More about the prize

Through the Jan Wallander Prize, we hope to give more young people the opportunity to use and use a first-class instrument for a longer period. The award has received its name from Handelsbanken's former CEO and chairman, Jan Wallander. The instruments available to the winners are included in the Handelsbanken Classic Instruments collection.

A musician expresses himself through his instrument. By using a first-class instrument, a musician can reach further in his creative interpration – the instrument responsively responds to the finest impulses and contributes with his sonic beauty to the richness of the expression.