International networks

KMH's international collaboration includes participation in international networks and international education cooperation of various kinds and exchange programs.


Among the organizations we work with, AEC, the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, plays a key role. AEC is a voluntary coalition representing Higher Music Education Institutions (HMEIs) in Europe and beyond, with around 300 member institutions for professional music training in 57 countries. External link.


ELIA is a globally connected European network that provides a dynamic platform for exchange and development in higher arts education. With over 260 members in 48 countries, it represents over 300.000 students in all arts disciplines. External link.


In the field of music education, ISME, the International Society for Music Education, is of great importance. ISME has members in more than eighty countries and is the premiere international organisation for music education. External link.


NordplusMusic is a cooperation of Nordic/Baltic music academies within the framework of the Nordplus programme.

Within NordplusMusic, KMH is the coordinating institution for the Nordtrad cooperation that aims to strengthen Nordic/Baltic higher education within the field of folk music.

We also participate in Nordclassic (classical music network) and NordPuls (Jazz, pop music network), ActinArt (entrepreneurial mindset) and ANMA, a forum that provides a coordinating body for Nordic/Baltic cooperation projects. External link.

Exchange programs

KMH offers three master's programs with extensive exchange opportunities:

Master's in Contemporary Peformance and Composition, CoPeCo

Nordic Master's In Folk Music, NoFo

Nordic Master's In Jazz, NOMAZZ

KMH welcome incoming exchange students from our partner institutions under the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programme.

Exchange student at KMH