Personal data

KMH may handle your personal data in many different contexts. This is a description of how.

KMH is responsible in cases where we process your personal data. Data Protection Officer at KMH is Magnus Dyberg, Administrative Officer at the Management Support Office.

Ladok and

Personal data used by Ladok is stored and handled entirely by the Ladok Consortium. The information is not used on the KMH website.

Personal data used by is stored and handled entirely by UHR. The information is not used on the KMH website.

Job applicants

When you apply for a job at KMH, you agree that your personal data will be handled by KMH in connection with the recruitment. On some of these data are published in conjunction with information on the appointments of previously advertised vacancies.

Handling of personal data when recruiting External link. (in Swedish)


Your personal data is kept at the library as long as you are an active borrower. That is, registered at the University library as a student or employee at KMH. After completing your studies or employment, your personal data will be deleted if you do not have an ongoing loan. Information about returned loans is not saved.



The personal data you provide in connection with subscription to the newsletter (concert information) is required in order to fulfil our agreement with you; to send you the information you want. The data is stored in a subscriber register, which is not used for any purpose other than the transmission of concert information. If you want to change your address information, or delete your personal data, use the link for cancellation in the last mailing, or contact

Interest notifications, contests and similar

Personal data that you provide a registration form (reporting interest for a viewing or the like) will be processed depending on the nature of the matter. Information about the treatment, and how to be removed from any records that are generated, can be found in connection with the respective registration form.

If you have submitted personal data in connection with a contest or survey, the data is stored until the outcome is clear. The data is not used for other purposes.

Cookie files

We use cookies to, for example, collect statistics, but you do not have to accept cookies in your browser for the site to work.

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Right to request information

You are entitled to request information about the personal data from you processed at KMH. If you want to know if we process personal data about you, send a signed request to us.

Freedom of information principle

As a public authority, KMH is obliged to retain incoming documents if they are of importance for the work of the authority. This means that messages we receive may be saved as public documents.

KMH follows the freedom of information principle. Documents, including personal data, submitted to us may be distributed to anyone who requests them.