Application and tuition fees

This is a brief summary of what applies for application and tuition fees. It primarily concerns international students.


Students with citizenship in countries outside EU and the EEA countries (Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) and Switzerland are generally required to pay application and tuition fees, but there are some exceptions.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee is currently 255.000 SEK/academic year. It is determined by KMH's principal and handled by KMH. The fee will be billed on a regular basis.
Exceptions for paying fees ( External link.

Application fee

You need to pay an application fee, otherwise your application will be void and you can not be accepted. The application fee is currently 900 SEK and is paid in conjunction with applying on the website External link..

Scholarships for fee-paying master studenters

KMH offers a limited number of scholarships that cover the entire tuition fee cost to talented master level students.

More about scholarships

Tuition fee paying student admitted to a KMH´s master's programme or a student holding a KMH Scholarship, KMH provides you with a comprehensive insurance called FAS+.

FAS+ ( External link.

EU/EEA, Switzerland

Swedish citizens, as well as citizens of other EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, are not required to pay application and tuition fees.

Document your citizenship EU/EEA

As an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen, you need to document your citizenship status for your application to be processed. You can upload ID documents when you apply on University Admissions.

How to document your cititzenship External link.

Swedish citizens enter their national registration address in Sweden in connection with the application, thereby strengthening their right to study without paying fees.

All information is available at

Wondering if you need to pay application and tuition fees? Or how to pay the application fee? How to document your citizenship to be exempt from the fee?

Everything you need to know about application and tuition fees is available on External link, opens in new window..