When you are a registered student at KMH, you have the opportunity to apply for a number of scholarships. Some are handled directly by KMH, others via other organizations, such as the Royal Academy of Music, KMA.

Scholarships for full-time students

The KMH and KMA scholarships for full-time students are mainly awarded to last year students. Exchange students are not eligible.

For further information about which of the scholarships you may be eligible to apply for, contact Tomas Norberg at the Student Affairs Office.

Scholarships for fee-paying master students

KMH offers a limited number of scholarships that cover the entire tuition fee cost to talented master level students.

You are eligible for this scholarship if you are:

  • liable to pay tuition fees for university studies in Sweden, and
  • you have been admitted to a master level programme at KMH.

The scholarships cover the full programme tuition cost for one student, and can be awarded to about three students per academic year.

Application process

All eligible students will receive an invitation to apply for the scholarship after the second notification of selection results, usually published in the middle of May.

The applicants then have to present us with a one-page CV and a motivational letter, before around 1 June. KMH staff will make an overall assessment of all complete and eligible applications, and nominate candidates to the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor then makes the final decision.

Contact the Student Affairs Office

To find out more about scholarships for fee-paying students, please contact the Student Affairs Office at

External foundations

In addition there are a large number of foundations and other organizations that award scholarships. Information about these are mainly obtained via the student union, KMSexternal link.