Travel Scholarships

KMH allocates funds for travel scholarships for those who are enrolled and active students at KMH. The scholarships can cover course fees and travel costs during the academic year. You apply before your trip, scholarships are not granted retroactively. You can be awarded one travel scholarship per academic year.

Scholarship funds for spring 2024 have run out

You can apply again from 1 August 2024.

Applying for a travel scholarship

Applications are processed in turn and the scholarship funds often run out quickly, so apply as soon as possible!

The application must include a brief description of the purpose of the trip. The costs of the trip must be specified.

Scholarships are not granted retroactively.

Send the application to

After the academy has made its assessment of the application, it is forwarded to the scholarship administrator at the management support unit for registration and processing. Decisions on scholarships are then made by the Vice-Chancellor.

The decision on whether your application has been granted or rejected will be sent to the email address stated in the application.

Application form, travel scholarship Pdf, 86.4 kB, opens in new window.

Requirements and purpose

All students enrolled and currently studying at KMH can apply for the travel scholarships.

You must have fulfilled your commitments at KMH in order to apply for, and receive a scholarship. This means, for example, that you must not be suspended from the Library or Service Office.

Travel scholarships shall contribute to the continued development of knowledge and skills, which are not met through KMH's regular studies. Examples are participation in courses and masterclasses.

Travel scholarships can only be applied for regarding course fees and travel expenses including lodging.

Travel scholarships are often given as contribution for travel. In other words, you should be prepared to pay part of the trip yourself or to arrange for part-financing elsewhere. If you have arranged partial financing, this should be stated this in the application.

KMH is keen to ensure as sustainable travel as possible. It means that train should always be chosen first when possible. If travel costs for trains are more expensive than flights, this must be stated in the application. If this is the case, the higher amount may be granted as part of KMH's effort to reduce emissions from travel.

Travel scholarships are not given to

  • elements included in the education at KMH
  • private lessons
  • travel in connection with private concerts
  • travel in connection with thesis projects
  • participation in competitions
  • travels in connection to application to other schools
  • credit-giving courses at other colleges or universities
  • students who are on study break
  • for travel to and from exchange programs
  • costs in connection to the trip such as food, purchase of instruments or other equipment.

Scholarships for summer courses are not granted as travel scholarships. These are granted within the annual KMH scholarships applied for at the beginning of the spring semester.

Assessment and decision

When assessing the application, it is considered in what way the purpose of the trip contributes to your development, and that the purpose cannot be fulfilled within your educational program at KMH. When assessing, it is also considered how you attend to you studies and your academic results as well as if you have previously received any scholarships from KMH.

The decision to grant someone a scholarship is made by the Vice-Chancellor. These decisions cannot be appealed.


Scholarships will be paid to the account number stated in the application. The scholarships are never paid in cash.

Group tours

Teachers at KMH can apply for travel scholarships for group trips with the students. These scholarships are handled in the same way as individual student trips. Scholarships can only be given for the costs of the students. The teachers' travel costs will be paid for by the academy. Group travel does not have the same requirements when it comes to educational purposes and can also be granted for networking etc.

There is no special form for group tour applications. For more information contact or Magnus Dyberg, scholarship administrator at the management support unit, at