Ensemble art Music from Other Cultures

Bachelor programmes

These programmes span a duration of three years and culminate in the award of a Bachelor's degree in Music, comprising a total of 180 credits.

The programmes in performance, conducting, and composition bestow professional proficiency as a practicing musician, encompassing both soloist and ensemble roles within orchestras, ensembles, or choirs. The curriculum is designed to cultivate your artistic and technical capabilities, furnish you with an extensive knowledge of musical repertoire, and enrich your artistic acumen.

To be considered for undergraduate studies, you are required to provide evidence of having completed a comprehensive curriculum at a duly recognized upper secondary school, leading to a minimum of 12 years of education in your home country.

To gain admission to the programme, successful completion of entrance examinations is mandatory. These examinations necessitate a display of elevated artistic and technical aptitude within your chosen specialized field. The outcome of these assessments, along with your ranking, will serve as pivotal factors in determining your acceptance.