Conducting – Orchestral

The Bachelor's Programme offers a lot of time in the podium with professional orchestra training and a solid insight into arranging, repertoire analysis, betting and form learning as well as in communicative aspects of the conductor's role.

In the Bachelor's Programme in Orchestra Conducting, you get tuition by the main conductors in Sweden today. They have many years of experience with conductor and teacher assignments around the world, offering you a unique opportunity to immerse in the conductor's diverse role.

The programme in conducting is given with two profiles: choir and orchestra. You choose one of these but may study some courses with students in the other profile.

Please note that a knowledge of Swedish is an entrance requirement for first cycle studies at KMH.

Programme Content

During the programme you will regularly work with instrumental ensembles. The programme offers a combination of concentrated podium time, tutoring and many opportunities for conducting concerts. As preparation for conducting different ensembles you get to prepare the same repertoire with one or two pianists, all under the teacher's tutoring. In individual lessons, you study the technical and communicative aspects of conducting and work with scores analysis, instrument knowledge, intonation and hearing and rhythm exercises.

Studies also include supervised conducting of choir/orchestra/big band, seminars and an independent assignment. Subsidiary subjects are: ear training, form analysis, instrumentation, score playing, harmony and counterpoint, plus elective courses.

The studies are intended to develop your artistic and technical ability, to give you a good knowledge of repertoire and to deepen your artistic insight.