How to order new sheet music

From September 2022 it is not allowed to purchase sheet music due to financial cutbacks. It is still possible to rent sheet music when needed. Please be in good time! At least eight weeks before you need the material.

NOTE! Neither the academies nor the library is responsible for the costs of orchestral material for the students' degree concerts. KMH only rent or buy sheet music for the larger ensembles. Even if the material the student wants to perform at their exam/degree concert is rental material, it is considered as course literature and is something that the students themselves have to pay for.

Do you want to rent sheet music for KMH's ensembles and orchestras?

When the sheet music is to be ordered by renting to KMH's ensembles and orchestras, it is paid for by the respective Academy. Only teachers can order rental materials.

Before the material can be ordered by the library, the responsible teacher first needs to have the cost approved by his/her academic director or have his or her own budget for the project that pays for the music rent.

Keep in mind that every concert occasion of the ordered material costs when you rent it. The first costs the most, slightly less for the second and even less for the third and so on.

If the concert will be recorded and broadcasted live or viewed on the web later on, it must be stated when you order the material and remember, it will result in an additional cost.

How to order

When you have the admission to rent sheet music, start by e-mailing or leave your written order in person to the library staff.

Orders for sheet music must be made at least eight (8) weeks before you need to use the material. This because the sheet music comes from international distributors. Late submissions cannot be considered due to workload.

Enter the following information:

  • Orchestra
  • Conductor
  • Start date for rehearsal.
  • Date, time and venue for the concert/concerts.
  • Soloists
  • Number of string parts and number of scores required.
  • Stage performance (opera) must be negotiated (by producer) and costs more.
  • Name of the KMH-employed student or staff who ensures that copying of extra parts is ordered, receipt lists are written and ensures that collection and sorting and return of the material takes place.
  • Specify whether the concert/concerts are to be recorded and broadcast live or displayed on the web (involves an additional cost).

Do you want to suggest new sheet music for KMH's library?

From September 2022 it is not allowed to purchase sheet music due to financial cutbacks.