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Eurhythmics in the field of artistic research

Explore the digital canvas that will take you through a walk of eurhythmics in field of artistic research!


The content you will find at the canvas is processed material edited by the experts responsible for the module and resulting from different activities in the project, such as the Learning teaching training activity 2021 with students and teachers from Stockholm and Vienna and guest lecturers.

The canvas depicts a landscape with islands and bridges referring to a famous mathematical problem posed by Leonhard Eulers, that lead to the development of discrete topology. It is created in the style of a child drawing. Jean Piaget discovered abstract mathematical structures in the spatial thinking of children related to topology. He stated that through drawing each child was creating spatial structures anew. Through the simple figuration, child drawings may according to Piaget be viewed as generators of space conception.

Hanne Pilgrim, Leonhard Horstmeyer
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst, Wien (mdw) External link.

Introduction video: the digital canvas

Digital canvas of Eurhythmics in the field of artistic research

Get inspired and explore the digital canvas for yourself. External link.

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