Plastique animée – tradition and contemporary performing

Plastique animée is an integral part of the eurhythmics method, its artistic superstructure. It concerns the sphere of artistic activities and practice in the sense of creating an artistic work, usually in the form of a music choreography or improvisation. At the same time its elements should be included in each lesson unit when the Emil Jaques-Dalcroze’s method is used.


Plastique animée is a specific type of work with the body, its natural, organic movement, as well as with the technique and aesthetics of movement, composing its changing shapes located in space. Spatial structures, movement motifs and phrases result from musical motifs and phrases related to music structure, its form and sound parameters. Movement composition incorporate also energy flow and emotional content which is often expressed in the so-called "musical and movement expression”, a specific feature of plastique animee. Eurhythmics method in Polish pedagogical practice still remains the most important method of music education and plastique animee being a specific form of an artistic expression, is an inseparable element in this process.

Prof. Barbara Dutkiewicz, Iga Eckert
Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Szymanowskiego in Katowice (AM) External link.

Video: ’Motif, phrase in working on music choreography’ by Barbara Dutkiewicz

Video: ’Exercises with polymetric structure in working on music choreography’ by Iga Eckert and Barbara Dutkiewicz

Video: ’Movement stylization and multi planarity in working on music choreography’ by Barbara Dutkiewicz

Video: 'A short exercise on body awareness / movement technique in working on music choreography’ by Barbara Dutkiewicz

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