Study or work from home

About tolls like Zoom and Teams, and information about how to use them. Links to temporary resources and other helpful information when working or studying from home.

Library resources

Extended access to databases during the pandemic

KMH has a number of offers a number databases and registers. In addition, we subscribe to a number of database services that require login.

Library databases and online services

Because of the pandemic – Cambridge Core

KMH students and staff now have temporary access to Cambridge Core services. Inlog by regular KMH email and password.

A full list of 700+ HTML textbooks OpenAthens Accessexternal link

Cambridge Companions OpenAthens Accessexternal link

Cambridge Histories OpenAthens Accessexternal link

Cambridge Elements OpenAthens Accessexternal link

Coronavirus Free Access Collection OpenAthens accessexternal link

Open access dissertations, research material and more

Open Dissertationsexternal link

National Emergency Libraryexternal link, registration necessary. Two week loans.